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We are certain that we can exceed your expectations


Our team has extensive knowledge of products, product systems and their appropriate use. We have & will continue to deliver prompt & reliable service to our clients.

Why customers choose us

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to all our clients.

Staff Enhancement

We undergo regular industry training to keep up with new technologies.

Industry Expertise

We have delivered our services across a vast range of industry-types.

Industries Served

All buildings will require waterproofing at some stage. We have the capabilities & know-how to adapt our unique service offering to any industry type that requires our knowledge & expertise
Environment & Energy

Adhering to proper specification is absolutely necessary to meet energy and environmental outcomes.

Public Sector Service

We have met stringent requirements to participate in public-sector specialty waterproofing works.

Travel and Transportation

We have applied our expertise to several travel hubs across the nation.

Commercial Sectors

Supermarkets, food services, financial institutions and more have benefitted from our highly specialized services.

and many more


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