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As a waterproofing solutions provider, it is of the utmost importance to us that our products are perfectly co-ordinated.
Protection Plus Engineering Company Ltd’s products stand for waterproofing down to the smallest detail. We have the right system for every job.
This makes us a reliable partner to all our customers, providing a tailored solution for every application.


Polymer Modified Repair Mortar

ISONEM M03 is a cementitious, polymer modified, fiber reinforced, one-component repair mortar for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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Impermeable Slurry

ISONEM M34 is a cement based, one component, waterproofing slurry, which prevents water infiltration of concrete and mortar structures.

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Super Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar

ISONEM M35 is a cement based, one component crystallized waterproofing product. When applied on concrete surface on positive or negative sides the product provides waterproofing in depth by penetrating into concrete.

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Water Plug, Rapid Setting Mortar to plug active water leaks

ISONEM M36 is a cement based water plug that instantly stops running water. When contacted with water, it plugs the water by taking a set in two seconds.

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Waterproofing Concrete Admixture

ISONEM ZP 77 is a hydrophobic mortar admixture in powder form to ensure a waterproofing property in mortar, easy workability and smooth production of concrete in concrete, plastering, alum applications.

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One-Part, Flexible Bituminous Rubber Emulsion Coating

ISONEM BE 89 is a one part, solvent-free, flexible, fiber reinforced, high build coating based on a bituminous rubber emulsion.

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Polymer Modified Self-leveling Cement Based Screed

ISONEM MS SCREED is cement based self-leveling floor screed, polymer modified, fiber reinforced, one-component mortar which exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid curing mortar with enhanced polymer properties.

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Polymer Modified Cement Based Screed

ISONEM MS SCREED – HC is cement based floor screed, polymer modified, fiber reinforced,one-component mortar which exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce rapid curing mortar with enhanced polymer properties.

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MSP 2012

Multi-Purpose Construction Sealant

MSP 2012, is a one-component, multi-purpose and anti-sagging elastic sealant; it can react with moisture in the air and then it is cured, to form a permanent elastomer.

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PU 2029

A Single Component Waterproofing Coating

PU 2029 is a single component, liquid applied, moisture cured, and aromatic polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing base membrane.

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PWM – 2K

Modified Polyurea Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane

PWM-2K is a two-component, liquid applied, modified polyurea elastomeric waterproofing membrane. The product has outstanding waterproofing and UV-resistant performance and could be used both as a base coat and top coat.

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Paint brushes, rollers, refills, gloves

There are a number of items which are available for the application of products. Paint brushes, paint rollers, roller refills and protective gloves.

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Plastomeric waterproofing membranes

TREND HS and TREND HS MINERAL are plastomeric waterproofing membranes with outstanding performance indicated for the waterproofing of all structures.

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