Colourless fixative coating for ceramised and slate-treated sheaths

Colourless fixative water based coating. Before application is milky white, once dry it becomes transparent. SLATE FIX is used to protect and fix ceramised and slate-treated sheaths on b.p. membranes, giving them also a bright appearance.

Composed of Modified acrylic copolymers and additives dispersed in water.

  • Keep away from frost: the product has to be stored at a room-temperature above +5°C; it is highly recommended to apply the product at a minimum environmental-temperature above +10°C and do not apply when rainfall or cold are forecast, avoiding conditions of extreme heat or warm also while the paint film is drying.
  • It is very important that the concrete’s surfaces to be treated are as dry as possible, clean and free from oils and chalking powders.
  • SLATE FIX is ready to use, to be applied by brush, broom, roll or spray.
  • SLATE FIX can be applied in one coat with a dilution of 10% in case of new mineral finished membranes application.
  • For the use on “old” membranes, which appear to be dusty and with issues of mineral loss, is recommended the application of two coats to get a better penetration to the support and good cohesion of the mineral slates; the first coat should be diluted to 15-20%, the second, applied after the drying of the first, or as it is or with a dilution of 5-10%.
  • To improve the aesthetic appearance of the mineral membrane (wet effect) and renew the colours, the material can be applied in a single coat diluted with water to 20 to 50% according to the superficial effect that you’ll want to give. The consumption is 100-200 g/m2 of diluted product or as it is, depending on employment.

Store the product in its original pail, sealed and at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C, protected from direct sun light and frost.