Continuous waterproof membrane based on water emulsion with high performance

Decorative elastomeric liquid waterproof membrane, pigmented in various colors & modified with acrylic copolymers dispersed in water.
After drying the product forms a resistant elastic film which adheres perfectly to the applied surface, resistant to atmospheric agents and eventual micro-fissures which can form on the surface.
Resistant to small areas of ponding water.

Idrogum Plus

IDROGUM PLUS is particularly suitable to coat and waterproof concrete roofs. It is used to waterproof concrete terraces, bitumen coatings and polymer bitumen membranes.
When waterproofing concrete terraces where the use of polymer bitumen membranes is not possible, IDROGUM PLUS is applied before gluing the ceramic tiles.
The product can also be used on fiber cement and wood.
Ideal to waterproof and protect polyurethane foams from UV rays.

Elastomeric acrylic modified copolymers dispersed in water, inert fillers, colored pigments, thickeners and various additives.

  • Properly mix before use.
  • It is recommended to apply the product at temperatures above +10°C and to avoid application when fog, rain or frost are imminent, and always avoiding extreme weather conditions of hot or cold, even during the drying period of the paint.
  • Before application make sure that the surfaces are clean and that they allow a proper drainage of water.
  • Avoid use on those with a low slope or which have obvious problems of ponding water as the product will soften jeopardizing adhesion to the substrate.
  • Pre-treat the surfaces using IDROGUM PLUS as a primer by diluting with 15% of water.
  • The application must foresee at least two coats to provide a uniform coloration of the waterproofing layer, using approx. 2 kg/m2 totally of IDROGUM PLUS depending on the nature and level of porosity of the substrate and the desired thickness.
  • As a first coat IDROGUM PLUS can be applied by brush, broom, roller and spray, diluted with 10% of water; for the successive coats dilute with 5% of water and apply only after the previous one is completely dry.
    Wait approx. 24 hours between each coat (dry on dry).
  • Between the first and second coat while the product is still fresh, a layer of polyester (ARMO 100) can be applied to improve the mechanical characteristics of the product.
  • It is recommended to avoid applying the product on new bituminous surfaces which might still release residues and cause problems of adhesion between the product and the membrane.
  • We therefore suggest to wait 4-5 months after the application of the new bituminous membrane to allow for any residues to be completely eliminated; in any case wash the surface with clean water using a broom to make sure that the surface is clean from residual particles.
  • The product is not suitable to be applied on polymer bitumen membranes applied over insulation; it is instead suitable to be applied with either polyester or fiber glass reinforcements, etc. for those situations where it is foreseen.
  • IDROGUM PLUS cannot be considered a walkable coating, and should be walked upon with care only during roof maintenance or inspections.
    Store the product in its original pail, sealed and at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C, protected from direct sun light and frost.
  • Does not withstand frost: once exposed the material is no longer suitable for application.
  • After use, clean all tools with water, should the product be dry, it is suggested to remove with white spirit or hot water. Should the product be dry, it is suggested to remove with white spirit or hot water.
  • 5kg pail (125 pails per pallet)
  • 10kg pail (64 pails per pallet)
  • 20kg pail (42 pails per pallet)