Fibre-reinforced waterproofing liquid membrane

FYBRO HP is a single-component liquid product based on photo-reticulating synthetic elastomers in aqueous dispersion.
It is a fibrereinforced paste that can be easily applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
It polymerizes to create a complete elastic impermeable membrane resistant to thermal shock, ultraviolet rays and acid rain.
It adheres perfectly to all types of materials including bitumen coating, concrete, fibre cement, wood, metal surfaces, etc.


FYBRO HP is used for waterproofing old and new treadable coverings (terraces, balconies, etc.); for waterproofing valley gutters and fibre cement coverings.
It is also used for restoring old bitumen waterproofing.

The substrate must be clean and firm without any traces of grease, flakes of old paint, rust or mildew.
To prevent the formation of bumps caused by excessive humidity in the substrate, make sure the latter is perfectly dry and cured before applying the product.
For particularly porous and friable substrates it is advisable to first apply a coat of the product diluted with about 40% water, acting as a primer.
This will saturate the pores of the substrate and improve adhesion of the waterproofing product.
In the case of old bitumen coating, brush vigorously with water and in case of protective aluminium varnish use an appropriate solvent.

  • FYBRO HP is ready for use and can be applied with a brush or roller, or partly diluted with water and sprayed on.
  • Apply two or more thin coats, brushing first in one direction and then in the opposite direction, in a uniform manner and in either the same or a different colour.
  • Always wait for a coat to dry before applying a new one (it can take 4 to 12 hours to dry, depending on weather conditions).
  • After completion you should have used no less than 1,5 kg/m2 of FYBRO HP.
  • For wall-floor or wall-wall edge treatment it is necessary to apply a thick layer of FYBRO HP and embed a strip of BANDTEC in it and go over this again with more of the fresh product.
  • The strip must extend over the floor for at least 10 cm.
  • Construction joints or fracture joints are treated using BANDELLA, laid as an inverted omega and embedding the mesh sides with FYBRO HP.
    When dry, apply a second coat of FYBRO HP.
  • Yield – 1.5 kg/m² per millimetre of thickness.
  • All the tools used to apply FYBRO HP must be cleaned with water before the product hardens.
  • Do not apply the product when ambient temperature is less than +10°C or when humidity exceeds 80%.
  • Protect FYBRO HP against rain and water until it has fully dried.
    It can be touched up again later, after cleaning the surface.

Safety instructions:

  • The product does not contain solvents and is not, therefore, flammable or harmful to health.
  • Wear protective gloves and eyewear.


  • Decorative positive side waterproofing for cement surfaces with cold fibre reinforced elastomeric liquid membrane (FYBRO HP produced by TECA), for brush, roller or spray application using no less than 1,5 kg/m².
  • The final coating is UV resistant and treadable when left exposed.
  • 5kg pail (125 pails per pallet)
  • 10kg pail (64 pails per pallet)
  • 20kg pail (42 pails per pallet)