Water based bituminous primer

Bituminous water based primer which helps block dust and reduces concrete porosity.
The product provides good adhesion, penetration of the substrate and above all that it is formulated with water, therefore it is not flammable and is not dangerous to use.
The product is odorless.


The product is applied on cement substrates of bridges, viaducts, foundation walls, civilian and industrial roofs before the application of polymer bitumen waterproofing membranes.

ECOPRIMER is particularly indicated for waterproofing works in inhabited areas, where the use of solvent based products may not be advisable.
It has good penetration and consolidating properties on all dry cementious surfaces, but also on those which are slightly wet.
Once applied it guarantees an excellent application surface for bituminous liquid coatings and polymer-bitumen waterproofing membranes.

Bituminous primer composed of bitumen in water emulsion and additives.

  • It is important that the concrete surfaces to be treated be as dry as possible, without oils lose particles or other. ECOPRIMER is ready for use, it is sufficient to slightly mix before application.
  • It can be applied indifferently either by broom, spray, roller or brush.
    Drying time may vary depending on the porosity of the concrete, of the thickness to be obtained and the ambient temperature.
  • The polymer bitumen membranes must be applied on the concrete painted with primer, only when the latter is perfectly dry.
  • Generally the optimal drying time in good weather conditions after application is 4/6 hours while in adverse weather, elevated thicknesses or low absorbing surfaces, drying time can be more than 8 hours.
  • The amount of ECOPRIMER depends very much on the porosity and absorption of the surface: approx. consumption is 200/400 g/m2.
  • The tools can be cleaned with water. Avoid application in cold damp weather or in the imminence of rain, as the product is water based and therefore will not dry or can be washed off the application surface.
  • 10 L pail (64 pails per pallet)
  • 20L pail (42 pails per pallet)

The product does not withstand frost. Store the product in its original pail, sealed and at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C, protected from direct sun light and frost.