Shine Floor

ISONEM SHINE FLOOR is a two component; bright, colored, resin based self-leveling solvent-based floor coating. After it is dry it forms an elastic and seamless layer. It is not affected by UV and outdoor weather conditions.

Over time, it does not fiddle, fade, or stand up. Resistant to abrasion. It is not affected by human and vehicle traffic. It is resistant to various chemicals and acids. Adherence is perfect.

  • As a smooth surface coating on industrial floors in production and storage facilities, workshops and similar places, Pool sides, tourist facilities, coastline, walking paths, squares, pavements, parks and gardens.
  • Wet work areas (food and beverage industry, etc.), parking lots and loading ramps.
  • Ceramic, marble and mosaic covered terraces, balconies and wet areas.
  • Glossy and hard-elastic
  • Good chemical and mechanical strength
  • Non-slip surface can be obtained
  • Liquid-proof
  • Application is easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Economic
  • Structure / Appearance: Component A: Resin, Component B: Hardener.
  • Temperature of Application Base: +10°C – +30°C
  • Life Span of the Mixture: 40 – 60 minutes
  • Time Required to Walk on it: Min 24 hours
  • Full Curing Time: 7 days
  • Density: Mixture A: B: 0,9 – 1,2 kg/l (+23°C)


Concrete surface should be clean, strong and should have sufficient pressure resistance (minimum 25 N / mm²), minimum pull-off strength should be 1.5 N / mm². The surface should be clean, dry and free of foreign materials such as dirt, oil, coating, surface curing materials. If in doubt, practice a trial.


Concrete surfaces should be prepared using abrasive equipment to remove the cement slurry and obtain an open porous surface. Weak concrete should be removed away and holes should be made completely clear. Surface repairs, filling of cavities / holes and surface leveling should be done with ISONEM M 03 Repair Mortar. Concrete or screed surfaces should be leveled to obtain a smooth surface. The high places on the surface should be eroded and cleaned by sanding. All dust, loose and volatile particles must be removed away from the surface with a brush and / or vacuum cleaner before application of the product. ISONEM SHINE FLOOR has high penetration and adhesion and therefore does not require liner.


  • Ambient Temperature Min. +10°C; max +30°C
  • Surface Moisture ≤ 4% Moisture Content in weight
  • Relative Air Moisture Up to 70%
  • Dew Point, Condensation should be paid attention. To reduce the risk of choking or blistering on the coating surface, the surface and uncured coating should be at least 3 ° C above the choking point.


  • Mixture: Component A: Component B = 4: 0.5 (in weight)
  • Mixing Time: Mix component A mechanically before mixing. After adding component B to component A, mix continuously for 2 minutes until a uniformly dispersed mixture is obtained.
  • Mixing Equipment: ISONEM SHINE FLOOR should be mixed with electric mixer (300-400 rpm or other suitable mechanical mixing device).
  • Application Method / Equipment: ISONEM SHINE FLOOR should be applied with the help of roller, brush or spray gun so that the desired thickness can be obtained.

It varies depending on the application method, surface porosity, profile, differences in quality and loss. Average 0,25 – 0,3 kg / m² (roll application)

24 months in original, unopened package in cool and dry environment.

4,5 kg ready to use set (A Component: 4 kg, B Component: 0.5 kg combi metal gallon)