Liquid Polia Polymer

ISONEM MS POLIA is a one part, solvent-free, special waterproofing polymer produced by the latest technology. It is ready to use, UV resistant, elastic.

It is used as an insulation material on terraces, roofs, concrete, alum, plaster, wood, metal surfaces, spray polyurethane heat insulation applied surfaces, exterior insulation material.

It requires simple and quick workmanship.

  • Insulations of roof & terrace
  • In exteriors
  • In metal roofs, woods
  • On bituminous problematic insulations
  • On shingles

Substrate must be clean, uniform, dry, free of dust, oil or grease and loose or weak particles. It is not used in the surfaces where there is efflorescence or water flow from negative side. Surface defects and voids should be repaired with ISONEM M 03 repair mortar. In order to reinforce, we recommend to use 45 gr/m2 insulation mesh on moving floors which have more possibility to crack. If there is dilatation on the application surface, dilatation insulation should be done by ISONEM A4. ISONEM MS POLIA is ready to use, it should be mixed homogenously before usage.


ISONEM MS POLIA, diluted to 10%, should be used as a primer. Primer application should be done by a hard brush. Once primer application is done, it should be left to dry for 4 hours.


ISONEM MS POLIA is applied to the primed surface in two coats without diluting in 4 hours intervals. The applied insulation must be protected against rain and water for 4 hours. Do not apply below + 5 ° C or on wet and frozen grounds. It should be checked whether the correct and sufficient inclination is given, especially in applications that are carried out on flat roofs.

NOTE: During and after the application surfaces should be protected from rain, water, mechanical loads and impacts for 48 hours.

1 kg/m² (primer + 2 layers)

18 kg PE Bucket

24 months from date of production if stored properly in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers