Water Plug, Rapid Setting Mortar to Plug Active Water Leaks

Cement based, rapid setting plug mortar for stopping the leakages. When mixed with clean water, provides a ready to use ultra rapid setting durable plugging mortar for active water leaks in concrete and masonry.

The material expands as it cures to form a watertight seal with similar characteristics to concrete. It has no chloride or soda, it is not harmful for the equipment and the iron and gives an excellent adherence.

ISONEM M 36 is applied as a preparation before the insulation.


ISONEM M 36 is used to stop active water or seepage under pressure through joints, cracks and holes in concrete or masonry, where a normal mortar would be washed away and resin mortars would not bond.

  • The powder form is applied
  • The rubber gloves should be used at the moment of application
  • Sufficient material is taken into the palm and pushed to the point where the water is leaking strictly
  • It is continued until the powder becomes hardened and the water stops
  • Due to the occurrence that water stopped, the residues are cleaned by a dry brush.
  • Then ISONEM M35 are applied in three layers to ensure a constant insulation
  • If ISONEM M36 is to be applied to the surface as the plaster, it should be mixed with the clean water by ratio of 2:5 (%40) thus a paste is obtained.
  • Such mixture gets high temperature because of the reaction and the mortar is sealed onto the hole where the water enters.
  • It should be waited for a while for hardening.
  • ISONEM M 35 is applied in 3 layers as the constant insulation to complete the process.

2 kgs powder for 1 lt space

5 kg, 10 kg and 18 kg PE Buckets

24 months from date of production if stored properly in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers at temperatures between +5°C to +35°C at dry conditions. Protect from excessive temperature and frost.