Liquid Rubber Membrane

ISONEM BE 89 is a 700% elastic liquid rubber coating. After drying, it forms a waterproof coating on applied surfaces.

High elasticity and crack hiding property. Suitable for insulations of old or new roofs and use under the ground; but not affected by underground waters. It strongly adheres to dry or slightly moist surfaces. It does not swell or separate over time. Resistant to the plant roots.

Also suitable for use in garden & terraces.

  • On exterior walls of basement and on foundation walls
  • In old or new terraces and roofs
  • In places such as garden terraces, balconies
  • In re-insulation of bitumen surfaces
  • On the membranes or in repairs
  • In roof slots
  • In insulation of concrete pipe, brick, metal, wood, zinc, gas concrete etc surfaces
  • In protecting all kinds of underground concrete surfaces against corrosion
  • The application surfaces must be dry or slightly moist
  • It must not be used in subbasements having salt efflorescence or in insulations from negative sides
  • Ensure that the surfaces are clean and free of particles such as dirt, rust, mud etc.
  • Pits, holes, cracks and segregations must be repaired with ISONEM M 03 by applying ISONEM D 10
  • If there is dilation, dilation insulation must be made with ISONEM A4 beforehand

ISONEM BE 89 as a primer is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1. It is let absorb on the surface with a stiff brush. Let it dry fully. Before this process, R- 3 cm must be beveled on bottoms of wall and parapet in terrace and roof applications.

In terrace and roof applications, 45 gr/m2 insulation mesh must absolutely be laid and the application must be done with this. In foundation walls or grounds, there is no need for the glass fiber mesh.

ISONEM BE 89 is ready to use. However, before application it must be mixed homogeneously. After primer process, ISONEM BE 89 is applied on the surface in 2-3 layers with a brush or a roller without a dilution by waiting among layers to dry. Every time, the application must be made in perpendicular layers to each other.

It is recommended to apply by using 45 gr insulation mesh between layers in terraces, roofs or breakable floors. The application must not be made in extreme temperatures or frost. In summer, we recommend applications in the mornings or in the evenings.

Make sure that the roof is sloped correctly in application roofs. Having water outlets and preventing the water to form a pond on the roof must be regraded.

NOTE: During and after the application surfaces should be protected from rain, water, mechanical loads and impacts for 24 hours.

1-1,5 kg/m² (primer + 3 layers)

18 kg PE Bucket

24 months from date of production if stored properly in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers at temperatures between +5°C to +35°C at dry conditions. Protect from excessive temperature and frost.